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Articles: 剛柔流 Historical Translations

Chojun Miyagi at the meeting in 1936: translated by Sanzinoo
Chojun Miyagi at the meeting in 1936
translated by Sanzinoo

Remarks: This is a part of the meeting records. It appears as an appendix in the book, "Karatedo Dai Hokan" written by Kanken Toyama. Pages 377-392 (Tsuru Shobo, 1960).

"The Meeting of Okinawan Karate Masters"

Time and Date: 4:00 pm, October 25, 1936
Place: Showa Kaikan Hall, Naha, Okinawa
This meeting was held by Ryukyu Shinpo Newspaper Publisher

Historical Outline of Karatedo, Martial Arts of Ryukyu translated by Sanzinsoo
Historical Outline of Karatedo, Martial Arts of Ryukyu
by Chojun Miyagi
Translated by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: The title in Japanese is "Ryukyu Kenpo Karatedo Enkaku Gaiyo". This essay appeared as a supplementary article in two books, "Okinawano Karatedo" by Shoshin Nagamine (1975, Shinjinbutsu Oraisha) and "Okinawaden Gojuryu Karatedo" by Eiichi Miyazato (1979, Jitsugyono Sekaisha). Some parts are omitted in this translation.

Original Remarks: This essay was written and prepared by Master Chojun Miyagi especially for the club members when he gave us the lecture "About Karatedo" and its demonstration at the lecture hall on the 4th floor of Meiji Shoten at Sakaisuji, Osaka on 28th January 1936.

Legend of Choki Motobu: translated by Sanzinsoo
Legend of Choki Motobu
translated by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: This is a complete translation of the article written by Mr. Seijin Jahana, the original title "Choki Motobu, a Forerunner of Combative Karate" appeared in the monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" (=Blue Sea) No.70 February 1978 issue (pages 106-110). This number features articles on Okinawan karate masters. The magazine was published in Okinawa but was already discontinued.

Memories of my Sensei, Chojun Miyagi: translated by Sanzinsoo
Memories of my Sensei, Chojun Miyagi
translated by Sanzinsoo

Memories of my Sensei, Chojun Miyagi

Remarks: This is a part of the original article "Chojun Miyagi the Karate Master. His kindness is infinite. He preaches morality." written by Mr. Genkai Nakaima which appeared in the local monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" No.70 February 1978 issue (pages 99-100) published by Aoi Umi Shuppansha. That special issue featured Okinawan karate masters. The magazine was already discontinued. I translated only a part of the article.

It was Spring in 1923, I was 15 years old, when I told my father that I was going to learn karate from Miyagi Sensei (= Master Chojun Miyagi). He said to me "It's great if you learn from Bushi Miyagushiku (=Miyagi the Karate Master)!" and gave me permission. At that time Miyagi Sensei was already famous for his karate, so my father thought he was an ideal teacher for me.
We, Kumemura community people in Okinawa, were proud of Chinese lineage.......

Miyagi; Breathing in and out, translation by Sanzinsoo
Miyagi; Breathing in and out in accordance with "go" and "Ju"
A Miscellaneous essay on karate.
Translation by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: This short article first appeared in "Bunka Okinawa" Vol.3 No.6 dated August 15, 1942, and re-appeared as an appendix in the book "Chugoku Okinawa Karate Kobudo No Genryu" written by Masahiro Nakamoto published on April 1, 1985 by Bunbukan.

I don't know when it was changed, but "karate" is now written with letters as "Empty Hand" instead of "Chinese Hand". Anyway, I am happy to know that nowadays karate is popular all over Japan as a unique Okinawan martial arts, and even it has been officially recognized by Dai Nippon Butokukai (=Great Japan Fighting Arts and Moral Association) as one of Japanese fighting arts. However, without doubt, I am sure that the roots of karate is in China.

Oral History about Kanryo Higaonna: translated by Sanzinsoo
Oral History about Kanryo Higaonna handed down by disciples of Seiko Higa
by Akio Kinjo
translated by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: This is a part of the book "Karate Denshinroku” (= True History of Karate) written by Mr. Akio Kinjo, a karate researcher and a kungfu instructor in Okinawa. Pages 35-40 (Okinawa Tosho Center, 1999)

Seiko Higa in my memories: translation by Sanzinsoo
Seiko Higa in my memories
by Saburo Higa
translation by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: The original Japanese title "Omoide No Higa Seiko Sensei" written by Mr. Saburo Higa, an acupuncturist. This article appeared in the book, "Karate Denshinroku" (= True History of Karate) by Akio Kinjo, as a supplementary article. Pages 326-331 (Okinawa Tosho Center, 1999)

I joined Itoman Dojo, a karate academy of Master Seiko Higa, in October 1952.......

Sensei Meitoku Yagi: translated by Sanzinsoo
Sensei Meitoku Yagi
Remarks: written by a reporter of the monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" Feb. 1978 issue.
translated by Sanzinsoo

"I don't like talking about karate" said Mr. Meitoku Yagi. It means he does not like talking on how you can defeat an opponent by technique like this or how you can win by karate and so on. It is also one of the teachings of his master, Chojun Miyagi. They say that Miyagi Sensei has no story of actual karate feat in battle.

Tensho Centenary

Chojun Miyagi creation Tensho Kata

The Dancing Old Man: translated by Sanzinsoo
The Dancing Old Man
Translated by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: This is a part of the article "Sometimes I play karate like Okinawan dance 'Hamachidori': Karate and Okinawan dance are the same." written by Mr. Kiyohiko Higa, a teacher of Naha Technical High School. The article appeared in the monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" February 1978 issue (No.70) published by Aoi Umi Shuppansha (page 118).

Yuchoku Higa practice Karate in the Moonlight, translation by Sanzinsoo
Yuchoku Higa practice Karate in the Moonlight
translation by Sanzinsoo

Remarks: Original Japanese title "Kyudo Mugen: Karate No Michi" Written by a reporter of the monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" February 1978 issue (No.70) published by Aoi Umi Shuppansha (pages 96-97).

"Very rhythmical and beautiful movement!" praised a musician from outside Okinawa when he saw a performance of Shorin-ryu karate in Okinawa. It is natural that the musician was impressed, as the characteristic of Kata in Shorin-ryu has not only fighting element but also esthetic element.


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