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IOGKF Lineage
Chojun Miyagi__________
| |
|__Ei'ichi Miyazato Ani'ichi Miyagi
|__Morio Higaonna
... full article
Sport Karate

Goju Ryu Karatedo - was never intended for sport however does have sport applications. Like the Javolin or Greek Wrestling, it has variations that have been adapted and incorporated into a sporting event while following the decorum of Budo. Currently the World Karatedo Federation aka WKF [formerly WUKO] is the governing body for Sport Karatedo in the world. The WKF is also the sanctioned body for Karatedo by the World Olympic committee. In and of the United States, the Unites States Olympic Committee has recognized and sanctioned the United States of America National Karatedo Federation aka USANKF [not to be confused with the USKF or the USNKA or USNKF].

In Japan, the sole sanctioned body to regulate Karatedo and choose the All Japan National team is the Japan Karatedo Federation [On a side note, the Dai Nippon Butokukai 大日本武徳会 is recognized as the governing body for Budo arts by sanction of the Imperial Family].

Karatedo as a sport implements tactics, athletic conditioning and stamina, etiquette, We recommend that you keep a weekly record of your training. Doing so is an excellent resource for tracking your goals and accomplishments and will dramatically improve your performance by monitoring routines.

Karate to the Olympics:

Indeed it would be entertaining to see Kumite [Olympic Karate] in the Olympics however, a brief explanation of Sport Karate in the Olympics may be necessary to clarify that Olympic Karate [or Karate as a Sport] is not the same as:

  1. Traditional Karatedo
  2. Karate-Jutsu
  3. Bushido

For Example: As discussed earlier in this thread, Olympic Karate does draw it's techniques from its existing predecessors and although the general public sees it as one and the same, those from the listed disciplines will beg to differ.

What exactly are we saying? Think of it like this; just as Olympic Judo is criticized by Jujutsu and MMA fighters, so as the same will Olympic Karate be criticized by those that participate in Traditional Karatedo. It is these same groups that may need to be reminded that they are not one in the same as Olympic Karate however do share historical roots.

In addition, Olympic Karate has a way to go before being accepted by the IOC and even then shall have new hurdles to cross before being embraced by the rest of the Martial Arts community but; to begin we must recognize and label that it will not be what we have come to know as Karatedo in today's essence but what it will be "Olympic Karate" as a sport of tomorrow. Those of us not interested in the practice of our art as an Olympic Sport will be perfectly happy practicing our ways of olden days and may even possibly enjoy the entertainment value of our traditional applications as demonstrated in an arena atmosphere.



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